Today’s episode of Frankly speaking with glory is my “When They See Us Real Story review, episode 1,2,3,4 Reaction. This movie is the real life story of the central park five case of New York City and how the state via the cruel, hateful and unprofessional coordination of US Attorney on Rape issues, Linda Fairstein coerced 5 underage young boys between the ages of 14-16, into admitting to a crime of rape, assault, theft and more.

The interrogation on these boys were carried out without parental supervision or guidance and so recordings were made as testimonies from the boys.

The Struggles

It didn’t even help that the victim of the rape; Tricia Meili had lost her memory and sense of smell from the incident thus, the boys were left at the mercy of an unjust and faulty legal system and society.

When they see us the full movie reveals the unfair trial these boys were subjected to, and how RACIAL DISCRIMINATION from the state and Linda Fairstein played a huge factor in sentencing those boys to jail between 6-14 years. When they see us real story also reveals the untold struggles of their families.

Ava Duverney depicts the emotional and financial struggles of these families as they tried all they could to free their wards but to no avail.


When they see us real story is a typical representation of the fact that the US laws does not favor black folks and black folks are the scapegoats for every crime and atrocity committed in the society.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump also plays a huge role in motivating the prosecution of these young lads as he paid $85,000 for a full page Ad on the newspaper, writing a petition that called for the execution of the five young boys.

How CRUEL can one man be?

Even till date when the real rapist; Matias Reyes has confessed his crimes, Donald Trump, the cops involved and the unapologetic Linda Fairstein still maintains that the boys did it as if they were there when the rape happened. Jeez!

Confession Tapes

When they see us the real tapes or the central park five confession tapes are online and when you watch them; you’ll see that the testimonies of those boys are not their own words to start with.

The movie also shows how the US media played a huge role in ruining the lives of these innocent men all because of their hate for the black man.


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