Hi! I’m Glory Elijah; a Nigerian YouTuber, Nigerian Vlogger, Lagos Vlogger, you name it. I’m the owner of Frankly Speaking with Glory Elijah channel. I see myself as an unapologetically vocal individual because I’m passionate about giving my own opinion about social issues but most importantly, saying things the way they are. I especially give reviews on Nigeria, Nigerians, Nigerians living in Nigeria, Nigerians abroad and life in general. You see those topic most people are afraid or ashamed of talking about, I talk about them on my channel too and that’s why my channel is called Frankly Speaking with Glory. Most people call my YouTube channel Glory Elijah Blog too and that’s because I’m also a Nigerian Blogger. So feel free to drop your thoughts, contributions, suggestions, opinion basically in the comments sections of my videos; I’ll love to read from you on every topic I speak about. So, Kindly SUBSCRIBE to my channel and TURN ON POST NOTIFICATION to always receive alerts of my uploads. I upload DAILY.

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