So I thought I should make this topic the first blog post on my new website looking at the fact that it’s still the beginning of 2019 and I haven’t wished everyone a “Happy New Year” yet. So, here you go; HAPPY NEW YEAR! lol

You see, 2018 was a really dramatic year for me. I went through the good, the worse and the best. Thankfully, I’m currently enjoying the best but it came at a price; a huge price which cost me my peace, my sanity, my happiness and a relationship. Every other thing was a huge loss at that point but for that relationship that ended, that end was the best thing that ever happened for me. It was toxic, it was draining, it was selfish and a huge torment to my physical, mental and emotional being. I will write about it; I’ll probably infuse it in one of my series or as a post in one of the categories here. People need to learn from my experience.

However, the good thing about going through struggles is, they always teach you strategies for surviving and they always reveal your inner strengths. Believe me, you’ll never know how strong you are until the cruel harsh reality of life and the wickedness of humans hit you. Mine’s not new; I found my strength long before adulthood found me and I’m glad I did earlier.

Now; to the crux of the matter on how to turn your lemons into a delicious lemonade?

  1. Understand that lemons do not only mean resources to start up a business or a life. Lemons could also be challenges, difficulties and life’s complexities.
  2. Understand that lemons are seasonal fruits and just like every other fruit, they have a period to stay after which they’ll cease. This means that every resources/challenge/difficulty/issues you’re undergoing is only a phase. They’ll never last forever. They can only come and go.
  3. How you handle your lemons determine the after taste. Lemons are naturally bitter fruits but can also be really healthy and refreshing. They also have great antioxidants for the skin, for digestion and detox. In other words, your challenges could become your push to the best version of you.
  4. Don’t ever doubt the process; trust the process. Don’t rush it. Although, it might get frustrating trying to extract the juice out of lemon but we know that when the juice finally gets out, it’ll go a long way to nourish you. So, when the challenges come, don’t try to look for the easy way out. Go with the flow and learn the lessons that come with the challenges.

If you can do all these, together with your self resolve not to give up on yourself, your life’ll eventually become a delicious lemonade!

May the odds be in your favor as your make this bold move this year. Feel free to share fam.


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