The Moguls (Episode 3)

12th February 2019

FSWG Series is part of my short Nigerian Fiction Stories. Read Episode 3 of The Moguls… Enjoy.

Dike loved his alcohol. Although, he didn’t smoke, he loved inhaling the remnants of Ralph’s cigar. It always made him dizzy in a good way. He had ordered for the Bar’s famous chicken Suya and some Caesar salad to go with the Hennessy but nobody was eating. They were drinking instead. The atmosphere was unusually tense and nobody was talking. They each had things on their mind and Dike knew what it was. The evening was meant to end with an agenda but from the look of things, the one person that could make that happen was yet to show up.

It was 9 pm already and Mo had lost his patience. He stood up and made to go to the reception but then he saw a familiar face. He shook his head slowly, taking in the slow deliberate movements coming towards him. This face has become a mark on him; a mark he can’t erase. This face has molded a part of him that even his family had no knowledge of.


Black Tar walked slowly, unhurriedly like one who had knowledge of the fact that delay heightened the expectation of what was to come and as one who knew how to capitalize on Mo’s dislike for delay.


Mo drew out the seat for Black Tar who sat with the unapologetic look of a CEO who was late for a meeting. Mo sat at the opposite side, he leaned back on his seat, rested his elbow on the arm of the chair and then narrowed his eyes, accessing this woman who had kept them all waiting for hours. This wasn’t the first time. She was always deliberate with her actions. She knew he didn’t like being kept waiting thus, she did as she pleased because she knew he had no power over her to query her actions. 

He took his time admiring her pixie hair cut which she had curled to the side with enough gel to hold her edges. Her makeup was the usual; large defined brows, black smokey eyes, long fluttery lashes and a bright red lipstick. She had on a big white long sleeved T-shirt that looked masculine but for her large boobs which created a curve on the shirt, revealing her full cleavage. She had on a clingy black jean that did well to project her small butt cheeks. She had on black stiletto heels that had succeeded in adding six extra inches to her brief height. And the worse accessory of all that wiped of all the admiration of her look was the smug look she had on her pretty face. The bitch had the nerve, he thought and looked away.


“Gentle men! Boys! Cheers to the weekend! Why isn’t anyone eating?” Black Tar said jovially as she drew the plate of chicken suya, took one of the skewered meat and started eating, chewing as quietly as she had come.

Ralph was the first to speak.

“Ngozi, you look great as always. Come over and give me some sugar.” he said with his eyes on her chest as he spoke.

Black Tar rolled her eyes fondly, she stood up and instead of going straight to Ralph, she walked right through the front of Mo, went to Ralph and kissed him on the forehead with her half opened chest in his face. Ralph inhaled her Channel No. 5 perfume and smiled lustfully at her. She turned to look at Dike who was enjoying the look of displease on Mo’s face and then winked at him. She was about going back to her seat but Dike extended his arms;

“Can an Old Man get some love too? Come on Ngozi, don’t be stingy…”

Black Tar laughed and went to Dike. “You naughty Boy. You need to be thoroughly punished”

“Yes I do. I can’t wait’ Dike said as he too inhaled the scent of her perfume.

On seeing that Mo was watching her every move, she went to him, sat on his laps and cradled his head on her bosom. Mo didn’t oblige her. He had no time for her feline tricks. He was pissed and he expected an apology from her. So quietly, he asked her,

“What took you so long? Why weren’t you answering my calls?”

She laughed throatily before responding “Chill baby. After all, you are no saint yourself. You did same to me on your birthday. I had plans for us. I knew what you liked and I had made arrangements already but you never picked up. You disappointed me. So let’s call it a truce okay?”

Mo was more pissed. This woman was unbelievable. They had rules, she knew them and they’ve managed to be civil, respecting each other’s personal lives for five years and now, she’s upset he didn’t take her calls?

“You know the rules Ngozi. I was home with my family. My sons were there. What did you expect?” he sounded exasperated already

“I expected you to pick up. Anyways, let’s not fight, I’ve got something special for you boys. Trust me, you’ll love it”  she kissed his lips erotically, willing him to succumb and as usual, his anger fizzled out.

“Show me what you’ve got” he said and as if on cue, she stood up and left to the garage. The men waited for some minutes, paid their bills and then left in tow as well, each anticipating the coming fun of the night.


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