In today’s episode I talk about the youtube trend “Sub4sub”. As a youtuber, have you ever received the message “Hey I just subscribed can you subscribe to me? Nice Channel, can you sub to me?” Some of these messages are real, and some of them are annoying messages that spam our Youtube video comments section. Those this have any value at all doing it? The question is why do you people do it. Have you ever tried sub4sub and did it work for you and what are your thoughts on the whole practice? Let us know in the comments section… without asking for a sub 🙂 Also remember that sub4sub will only increase your subscriber count, but will have damage watch time hrs, as these people will subscribe, but will not watch contents that you might necessary upload. REMEMBER, when you need to monetise your channel, 1000 Subscribers and 4000 hrs watch time are the requirement to join youtube partner program. so I believe you will get 1000 subscribers eventually if you do a sub4sub, but that will always hurt your watch time hrs, as these sub4sub subscribers will never engage with your videos. So I personally believe it’s better to grow your channel organically.

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