Should You Live With Your Best Friend (Bestie)?” Frankly Speaking, I’ll say a huge NO! If the person is bipolar, a narcissist and extremely manipulative, your metal and emotional health will be in danger.

Your sanity will be ruined and your peace of mind will become dust. It is only in very few cases that some best friends live together for years without reconcilable differences. For my friend, she believes that her differences with her ex bestie are now irreconcilable for when she needed them to make peace, the said proud owner of the apartment refused.

We also need to remember that being “besties” doesn’t mean you’re one and the same.

You both come from different backgrounds and have different idiosyncrasies to life so, except you both are open to change, then such an arrangement will work but where one is selfish and rigid with the entitlement mentality that kills most humans, well you know it won’t work.

However my own take is, RELATIONSHIPS between best friends are better enjoyed from a distance. Don’t ever make the mistake of moving in together. Shit will happen and if the situation isn’t handled properly, a lot of damages will be done.

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