This is just a brief post on a rhetorical quotes sayings to cause us to THINK – What if?
Most of my posts causes people to think but this one is different.
It’s a rhetorical question sort of post. But you can choose to provide answers anyways.
So, I’m currently in the office where I run a 9-5 job, I’m creating graphic designs and marketing content for the company, listening to Travis Greene bless and empower my spirit woman with his gospel melodies and then a thought struck me like lightening. I had to pause my roving mind to ask myself;
Glory, what if you were deaf? Would you be able to listen and appreciate the gifted voice of Travis Green?
What if the only way you can hear is by reading lips?
What if you can’t see? Would you be able to see the smile lighting up your face as you appreciate the lyrics of his songs?
You see, I couldn’t answer my questions and I still can’t. I’m overwhelmed with so much gratitude for completeness. For instance, I have someone really close to me who’s deaf and dumb and growing up in the same family, sharing the same blood running through our veins, sharing the same surname and sharing the same parents and siblings.
I found it difficult to understand why my sister couldn’t hear the things I heard or appreciate the noisy environment we grew up in. I found it difficult to understand why she could only sign to me in queen’s English and not pidgin as we enjoy using for communication among ourselves as kids.
Even when I finally learnt sign language so I could communicate with her freely, attend her Jehovah’s witness meetings with her just so I could understand the peculiarities of her world.
I still found it sometimes frustrating that she couldn’t give the level of enthusiasm and excitement I would give to an experience or situation and when she got really mad at me or any of my siblings, I got angry and felt she had no right to get too pissed but she could be pissed just a little bit.
Ah! Those years, my naive little mind lacked understanding and even though we were best of friends, I still didn’t understand why she was deaf and we weren’t. I’m not deaf and dumb now.
I don’t pray to be but today, for the first time, I’m picturing myself in that situation having that sort of struggle, that sort of life and that sort of foreverness to deal with and I just keep asking myself;
Glory, what if?
My sister is married with kids, she’s alive and well. Yes! She has a life of her own and I’m thankful for that.
I just want us to take this few minutes to ask ourselves these questions, ponder on them and use well what we’ve been given freely.
These are all rhetorical quotes sayings from me, which i have pondered about.

What If?

  • we couldn’t speak
  • we couldn’t hear
  • we couldn’t feel
  • we couldn’t breathe
  • we couldn’t walk
  • we couldn’t touch
  • we couldn’t see
  • we couldn’t eat or drink
  • we weren’t male or female
  • we were animals
  • we were plants
  • we were objects
  • we didn’t exist at all
  • we had no love
  • we had no family
  • we had no friends
  • we had no kids
  • we had no hope
  • we have no future
  • we had nothing at all?

What If?

Hence, use rightly what you’ve been given freely

(Sorry, it turned out to be a bit lengthy. I write too much)

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