So Regina Daniels sister Ifeoma Daniels talk about her Sister’s Marriage Life has been all over Nigeria news just because she got married to a 60 year old man. My question is, why should it be the problem of Nigerians? Why do we always have to take up the position of judges when we hear of the latest 9ja news of 2019 like this?

You know, it’s appalling when you now find out that the same people who are judging are doing worse things so everyone just wants to talk to put up the face of a saint.

Dear Nigerians, Regina Daniels, Ifeoma Daniels are not a kids, Regina Daniels has a marriage life now. She is an adult and is old enough to make her decisions as well as live by them. So we should learn to live and let live.

So in today’s episode of Frankly Speaking with Glory, I talk about the need for us to let Regina Daniels, Ifeoma Daniels and her husband Live there life and enjoy there marriage. If it works for them; let them enjoy it.

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