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Nigerian Short Stories (FSWG SERIES) coming soon.

It’s been a minute. I am so sorry for going MIA here; life happened and I found my feet elsewhere. But, it’s been great though cos I’ve learnt so much in the space of two months. Anyways, something awesome is in the works!

Last year, I did two series on here called “BURNT” and “LOLA’s 12 DAYS OF XMAS” and the feedback from you guys was amazing. A lot of you went as far as promoting each episode on various social media platforms. I was and still am very much overwhelmed with appreciation for your love and support for my craft. THANK YOU!

So, the great news is, I’m starting another series on the 25th of March, 2018. It’s titled; “MEMOIRS OF PISCES”


This Short Nigerian Romantic Story is a story of two people from two different worlds, Annie and Darren. Annie; a Cross River born graduate of Banking &Finance, raised in downtown Ajegunle area of Lagos, struggles to get and keep a job. Daren is a disillusioned returnee from England who struggles to keep up with the upbeat lifestyle of Lagos. 

Memoirs of Pisces is a series of short stories, that’ll take you through the psyche of these two people to help you understand the innermost thoughts of the average Nigerian female from downtown Lagos and the not so average Nigerian male.

This series of short stories, will touch your core as everyone’s story will be told through these characters so brace yourselves for a captivating literary journey that will come in episodes as usual.

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