CORONAVIRUS UPDATE MARCH 30 2020: On today’s topic on frankly speaking with Glory, I talk about the 3 MYTHS ABOUT COVID-19 spreading in Nigeria. We need to differentiate facts and myths of the CORONA VIRUS spreading around in the country. We also need to educate people of the awareness of the Covid-19 Virus. There is a GLOBAL PANDEMIC going around, and the citizens of Nigeria need to adhere to the strict rules enforced, so that we do not unknowingly spread the Virus around so that we can get out of this Epidemic Situation, as quickly as possible. We need to plead with all the Radio Broadcast Stations around the country, to pass on the Virus awareness to practice social distancing, wash their hands, use hand sanitizers, self isolate, don’t go to any large social gathering in order for them to KEEP WELL and STAY SAFE.

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