Society’s so used to castigating women about their dressing that we forget that men too dress indecently. So, on this episode of Frankly Speaking with Glory, I give you my theories of indecent dressing by men using Ebuka Uchendu, BBNaija’s Compere as my “case study”. Enjoy!

I have added a quote from a female perspective from a forum that talks about indecent dressing for men, adds an interesting angle to the conversation and comments that were in the below discussion, which could be found here.

Guys And Their Indecent Exposure – The Flip Side (From A Female View!)

As a Christian, I’ve often gotten rather sick ova guys whining and blaming ladies’ dressing for their sins! yes, i know som of my sisters out there are rather wild, but i always felt the guys should get a grip on their own hormones.

when the topic of dressing comes up, all attention shifts to the ladies, n then WE take the bashing endlessly. wot about the guys? why do they feel its ok to prance about in nothing but boxers, do they think we’re made of wood?

Face it 99% of guys will think nothing of sitting with a lady visitor in just boxers and chatting 4 hours. they feel just because they don’t have boobs its ok. my neighbour just the other day innocently changed his top in front of me, and left me struggling 4 air, the body was, wow. shocked shocked

now wot if, i’d grabbed the poor guy and blamed it on indecent exposure, harassment, oppression etc, nko? cheesy lol and that’s wot u guys claim we do to you.

they feel just because they don’t have boobs its ok.

well its not, and me i am protesting!!!

You guys need to start looking at how YOUR dressing affects ladies, and while you’re at it, please lose the drooping jeans – it ain’t sightly!!!

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