Daren was already exhausted by the time he got home. He didn’t find the experience at the airport funny at all; although, he had been given a heads up by his friend, Femi. The moment he had arrived at the MMIA, he had received the warmest and most sycophantic welcome ever. The attendants at the airport were so friendly and helpful that he had fallen completely for their over resourcefulness. Everyone wanted to be of help to him and try as he might to assure them that he could manage his luggage, they insisted. By the time he was cleared, he had spent over twenty thousand Naira out of the money he could manage to change, on “settling” everyone that “helped” him. He had been washed with relief when he had finally sighted his good friend, Femi.

Now, as they drove through the streets of Lagos catching up on old times, he couldn’t help but marvel at how things had changed. Everywhere looked so beautiful. Not particularly spic and span but really different from the Lagos he had left fifteen years ago as a teenager.

By the time they drove into Lekki, he was amazed. Femi noticed the look on his face and laughed. He was more impressed when they finally got to the house that his Mom had prepared for him. She knew he liked white and thus ensured that the house was white in every way possible; just like the one he had left in England. He didn’t like it; yes he was impressed but he didn’t like it. It looked too fake; almost like the architect wanted to clone his house back home.  He looked at Femi and frowned. Femi knew that look and immediately went defensive,

“Come on Buddy, tell me you love this place. It took us a lot of time and effort to get this one for you”
“Well, not really but it’ll do for a week at least and then I’ll move out” Daren replied in his rich British accent while still looking around
“A week?!” Femi exclaimed trying to hold in his laughter before continuing. “Daren, your Mom has paid for this place, two years in advance. She totally loves it and feels it’ll be like home away from home” he paused to see if that would have any effect on Daren.

Daren wasn’t surprised but he was upset that as usual, his Mom has had her way again. He sighed and asked,
“How many rooms are there?”
“Three rooms” Femi answered
“Alright” he shrugged  and followed Femi as he gave him a tour of the house.


It was a three bedroom serviced apartment with a gym, a pool side and a view of the Ikoyi link Bridge. It was tastefully furnished and the furniture was completely French. Everything had Mom’s name written all over it and though, the house looked sophisticated with a great view, he still didn’t like it. It reminded him of England which has no place in his reveries yet but still he would have to learn to like the house if he was going to live in it for two years.


The door bell rang and without waiting for a response, the visitor opened the door and walked in with sure unhurried steps. Daren rolled his eyes and smiling fondly, he went to the living room to meet the only woman he could never argue with. Mom.

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