Today’s episode on Frankly Speaking With Glory is “Tips for the Women on their Personal Hygiene”.

Naija Babes, you need to learn how to keep your private part clean. It doesn’t matter how busy you are; a healthy hygiene (vagina) makes a woman even more confident in her sexuality, please ladies, learn some personal hygiene.
But when the vagina reeks, then there’s not only a problem, there’ll also be an issues of inferiority complex. So ladies, learn the hygiene tips I have given in this video and if you have yours you’d like to share, feel free to comment, don’t be shy, SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS.
Remember, this is FRANKLY SPEAKING WITH GLORY. I say it the way it is (LADIES LEARN SOME PERSONAL HYGIENE!!!!), so do the same.
Apologies about the blurred images of the shaving product I used. It’s called “Vaya Smooth Gel“. Its a vagina hygiene product for the Ladies. You can purchase it from the link above or any cosmetics store and supermarket around you.
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