Female Discrimination at Lagos night clubs is becoming very common, so ladies! I decided to do this video “How Lagos club bouncers treat ladies” out of the need to address the night clubs in Lagos, Nigeria.

I’m tired of seeing the stereotyping that happens every evening to women who only wants to have fun by Lagos club bouncers. The most annoying part is, men do not face such challenges. The going misconception is that every man that walks into a club can pay for his drink and isn’t out to hunt for women. Those club bouncers feels that every lady that wants access into a club, is a child of the night, out to hunt and sell. How pathetic!

Enough of the female discrimination at Lagos Night Club, we too want to enjoy a night out with the ladies.

So click to watch the video. If you’ve had any experience so far, feel free to share yours in the comments section below. Don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, and TURN ON POST NOTIFICATION on my videos. Also invite your friends to join the conversation. There’s also an ongoing poll on the video, kindly participate.

Thanks for watching! Cheers!

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