Wheew!What an amazing 2018 it’s been so far! What’s up everyone? Happy New Year! I’m so sorry it’s coming late but it’s better late than never ain’t it? So, I’ve been meaning to write, write and write more but I’ve been doing a great job with procrastination. Many thanks to the many changes in my life, I’m seriously trying to adjust into the new roles that God has fashioned out for me and thankfully, I’m doing an amazing job already.

2017 was a bitter sweet year for me and I’ll be doing a post about “Things I learnt in 2017”. Then I’ll share a lot of my experiences; I mean, the good the bad and the ugly. So for those of you that created one form of drama or the other in my life last year, you had better come and appease the gods (me of course!) or else, your file will be opened on my blog.


That was a joke!

Anyways, major announcement everyone. My YouTube channel, “Frankly Speaking with Glory” (http://bit.ly/2rpqO3Q) will be back to life next week and I’m talking about episodes that are fun and engaging. I’ll be sharing and writing more about the issues I discuss in my videos so please everyone, I’ll need your comments, contributions, and suggestions if any on my YouTube channel and here on the blog. Remember, Frankly Speaking with Glory is a platform where I share my opinion about various issues and you are definitely welcome to do same in the comments section.

By the way, if you enjoyed my FSWG Series last year, simply comment “Yay!” in the comments section as well. I’ve been getting amazing reviews about the stories and I’m fired up to write more however, I’ve got new engagements this year that’ll be taking a lot of my time so I really need feedback from you guys to know if I should continue with the series. There’s “BURNT”the story of Mila and “Lola’s 12 Days of Xmas” my Xmas series.  If you haven’t read any of them yet, feel free to do so as the episodes are available here on the blog.

To all of you my amazing readers, thanks a million, you’re the best. Don’t worry, our Give Away will still come up this year. If you aren’t following my blog yet, what are you waiting for? Hurry! Join the family.

All said, do have a prosperous and fruitful New Year everyone!

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