Today’s episode on Frankly Speaking with Glory is all about knowing the Toxic relationship signs, ending a friendship with a narcissist and letting go of a toxic friendship.

When you are able to recognize these signs early enough in your friendship, then you’ll be able to move on quickly with your life and build a much more healthier circle of friends who are ready to support you and help you grow.

Letting go of a toxic friendship is one of the most difficult things to do with friends; especially dear ones however, knowing when to let go of a friendship that only sets to make you feel less of yourself, drains your mental, emotional and physical energy off you and doesn’t in any way benefit you will be the best decision you’ll make to keep your sanity i.e. ending a friendship with a narcissist.

So, there are over 10 early signs of a toxic relationship but in this video, I talked about 6 signs which indicates that you’re in a toxic relationship. Watch and Learn.

Feel free to comment your thoughts in the comments section and if you have more signs you know of which I didn’t mention, drop them in your comments and lets talk more.

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