What are the causes of Domestic Violence in Nigeria against Men?

Is today’s episode of Frankly Speaking With Glory. Women have always been put at the fore front of this issue as the victims whilst ignoring most men who are victims as well.

Truth is, we cannot over look these issues because it’s a reality that just as men abuse women physically emotionally and psychologically, men also suffer such treatments too. We need to grow out of that bias that says that it is only women that suffer in the hands of them. Though, the percentage may be high, but, the reality is still there, that there is domestic violence against men. I have seen women who are rude, abusive, and disrespectful to their men and society doesn’t frown on it but when it’s the men doing these same things, the uproar of castigation becomes loud.

The BreakDown Analysis

Don’t get me wrong; I am not saying that women should shrink for men to shine, NO. I’m not saying that women should crawl into their shells and be insecure with their achievements, NO. MY POINT IS; give the same energy you want to receive. PERIOD!.

Let’s be Frank in our judgments, let’s cut these men some slacks too. They too deserve respect, love, and regard.

Feel free to comment your thoughts in today’s topic “What are the causes of Domestic Violence in Nigeria against Men” in the comments section and if you have more signs you know of which I didn’t mention, drop them in your comments and lets talk more.

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