Mila knew she was defenceless against Lily because Lily was taller, older and more vicious. She had the look that said that this wasn’t the first time she was doing this and for her, it was a good sport. As Lily lunged at her, she had picked up the first object she laid her hands on; a small perfume bottle and when She threw it at Lily, it hit her on her forehead. The impact of the hit was heavy on Lily as it made her stagger, she had to hold the edge of the bed to regain her composure. That gave Mila the opportunity to rush to the door, swipe her key card and run out.

She ran down the stairs, grabbed her phone from the couch and remembering that she was half naked, dragged the small duvet she had used earlier to watch movies around her. She was about rushing to the door when she felt a sudden yank on her hair that pulled her back and she gave a pained scream. Lily, seeing that she was having the upper hand tugged more on her hair and Mila fell to the floor. She sat astride Mila and hit her face hard with a punch that got Mila weak as she cursed hotly under her breath,


Lily tried to pin both of her hands down but Mila who had regained a bit of her strength twitched frantically both with anger and fear. Lily was enjoying Mila’s struggle and thus played along laughing excitedly. When she spoke, she sounded exhilarated.

“Is this how you play hard to get with Tunji when he wants to have you Mila?” she giggled

“Get off me!” Mila shouted, trying to push her off

At that point, the door opened and Tunji walked in looking exhausted but the exhaustion on his face was replaced by shock, irritation and anger. He flung his attache case aside and rushed up on Lily shouting.

“Jesus Christ Lily! What the hell are you doing?!” he dragged her off Mila and pushed her away then he tried helping Mila up but Mila was too weak to stand. He carried her up and gently went to place her on the couch before turning his full attention on Lily.

Tunji was enraged and he took long swift strides to Lily where she stood against the white walls. He punched his fist into the wall and shouted angrily,

“What was that all about? How did you get in here? I thought I warned you never to step foot in this house?!” he was glaring at her, trying to control his thoughts of inflicting pain on her

Lily looked shaken but composed herself like she wasn’t bothered about his rage. She moved up to him seductively and said coyly, with her right hand on his face.

“I was only playing with her but she took offence baby”

Tunji was so mad at this that he pushed off her hand and shouted in her face “Does Mila look like a toy to you?! Does everyone look like a toy to you?! What makes you think you can just go around “playing” with people, huh?!”

Lily was scared now cos she had never seen Tunji lose his temper over anything. She went mute and couldn’t talk but Tunji wasn’t done yet. He shouted at her again.

“Answer me Lily!”

Lily was flustered and gabbled when she spoke, “Look Tunji, I..I..I just wanted us…”

Tunji moved a step away from her and with his left hand, he pointed to the doorway and said,

“Now take your horny self and leave this minute. There’s no us anymore Lily. The divorce’s been finalized and I’ve got the papers here. You’ll get yours in the US. It’s over Lily. No more games”

Lily looked defeated and made another attempt to touch Tunji but he stepped back and said calmly this time,

“Leave Lily. And listen, you’ll never ever try this again with Mila, with us. Is that understood?”

She nodded and turned to leave but Tunji called her back and stretched out his hand.

“The keys”

Lily handed over the cards and like a zombie, she walked out. Tunji walking behind, locked the door and checked his security box to ensure that all other doors were locked. Then, with realization dawning on him of what had happened and what could have happened to Mila, he took unfaltering steps towards her, bent down and carried her in his arms. As he climbed the stairs, he murmured to her words of assurance that she was safe with him. Mila was mute and still in shock at the events of the evening. She held on tight to Tunji and closed her eyes, trying to blank out thoughts of possibilities or eventualities.

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