Simi was a free spirited soul. She was the typical example of one who lived in the moment and cared less about what happened the next minute. She had the perfect figure for a body, with everything in the right proportion and the knowledge of her physical endowment added to the aura with which she walked. She had this feline way of walking as if calculating a next move known only to her. To Mila, Simi had been schooled in the art of seduction right from her mother’s womb. To crown it up, it was difficult to get angry with her for everyone easily fell under the spell of her charm which she used skillfully to have her way around the office. Mila was sure that, that same charm was responsible for her getting away with her consistent lateness to work.

Mila rolled her eyes when she felt Simi’s hug  from behind. Her cubicle looked out to the restless street of  Ozumba Mbadiwe thus, through the glass window, she could see Simi in a peach colored pencil skirt that did little to conceal her curves and a white chiffon top, looking beautiful and fair with her expensive Indian hair sitting pretty on her head. Simi flashed her a smile that melted her heart immediately and sent the morning’s pressure scurrying away into hiding. She smiled back and turned to face Simi.

“You’re late again as usual”

“yeah yeah, I know” Simi replied nonchalantly

“But how could you not care at all? I mean, you could end up not being retained you know”

Mila was exasperated already. This had become a routine conversation to kick start their day since the past 2 months.

“Well, who says I need a job? All I need is just a few months of experience and then, I’ll become my own boss. My dad has given up on trying to persuade me on that already so don’t even ask” Simi replied and settled into her own cubicle which was positioned next to Mila’s and then brought out her Iphone 8 to make a few SnapChat videos first before starting work on the third script.

Mila pinched herself for always forgetting that Simi had taken time to explain her background to her. Her dad was the famous Chief Coker who had struck gold in oil business. He had sent all his children abroad but Simi who loved the thrills and glamour of Lagos had refused to go. Her dream was to become her own boss immediately after her 6 months internship with the ACE Group. So, as a 23 year old graduate of Media & Communications from the the University of  Leeds, she had sworn to take over the Lagos scene and then the world with her skill in persuasive writing  “whatever that meant” Mila chuckled.

Simi was lucky, Mila thought. She could afford to dream big and actualize them because of her dad but she on the other hand had to work extra hard cos, her dad wasn’t in Chief Coker’s class. In fact, she paid her dad’s bills in addition to hers. Well, at least, I’m coping Mila consoled herself as she returned to her work.


Time had been on a marathon as it was already 5:00 pm that Thursday. Mila stood up and stretched with gratitude. What a day. She had ended up writing a total of 5 scripts needed for the day while Simi had continuously taken trips to the restroom, the staff lounge, and the cafeteria. There, she would take enough pictures and make enough Snaps till she was satisfied. Mila wasn’t bothered for she had had a good lunch as Mr. Duke had promised.

She arranged her disarrayed desk, picked up her hand bag, bade farewell to her colleagues and left for home. She was intercepted by Simi whom she thought had left earlier.

“What’s your plan for tonight?” Simi asked

“Plan?” Mila wondered aloud

“Yeah! plan like hang out, hook up, chill out, chillax… you know…” Simi listed, smiling  mischievously

“Oh! Those kinda things. ” Mila got the gist and laughed cos Simi’s look was infectious. She continued “I plan on getting home as soon as Lagos traffic would allow  so that I can rest my aching bones. Sounds like a great plan hey?”

Simi faked a yawn and said “Boring” and they both laughed.

“Alright look Mila, I’m taking you out to buy you drinks just as a way of saying thank you for doing my work all the time”

“But I’m not complaining Simi”

“I know Mila.” she whined prettily and then added “you’ve always refused my offer to buy you a drink. Just this once okay? Pweeeeze” she made puppy eyes and Mila agreed.

“Gosh! you’re a sore pain in my black behind Simisolaoluwa”

“You sound like my Mom just now Mila”

They both burst into laughter again and left the building together. Of course, Simi had a car she used so they drove out. Mila had no idea where they were going so she had to ask while checking her makeup in the side mirror.

“So, where are we going?

“You’ll see. Trust me on this one. Lagos is my babe”

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