KHAFI and GEDONI MAKE UP | BBNaija 2019 LIVE UPDATES| Nigerian COZA PASTOR BACK to Pulpit and More

Khafi and Gedoni made up on Wednesday after she, confronted him concerning his aloofness, which resulted into her breaking down in tears.

Gedoni and Kimoprah were friends at the University of Port Harcourt and had dated for months.

The relationship between Khafi and Gedoni seems to be back on track as they were discovered having a couple’s moment at the yard where she disclosed to him some secrets regarding her private life.

She had actually avoided sex after she transformed from Islam to Christianity. She claimed she saw herself in a “whole brand-new light”.

Both were recorded with each other numerous times snuggling up on the exact same bed, with Khafi stroking Gedoni, on his back, delicately caressing him.

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